There is a project I’m working on due after Thanksgiving. It requires writing and thinking and moving through quicksand while handcuffed. At least, that’s how it feels. There has been sick going around, and traveling and planning and cancer and grieving and art projects. You know the story. It’s your story, too.

And so there is this man in the midst of the living with me, my sickness and health, poor and rich covenant partner. And when my soul forgets to breathe, he reminds me. And sometimes he takes drastic measures, and sometimes I resist them. But he keeps on reminding, because that’s what covenant partners do.

Sometimes all it takes is a word, a look, a moment to remember to breathe in grace and love and truth. But other times, it takes days or even weeks. Discouragement begins to get comfortable with her feet up on the couch, and truth seems a joke. Setting your mind is an interesting thing; it takes practice and patience and faith. And that is why this life-giving, covenant relationship with my husband is so necessary. He reminds me to breathe.

Do you have someone who reminds you to breathe? If you would like to share them with us here, or if you have another gift you want to celebrate on this Tuesday, I invite you to link up. If you have questions, check out the information on my Tuesdays Unwrapped page. If you are reading in a reader, you may have to click over to see the links and I really hope you read at least a few. So happy here on my favorite day of the week. Join us?

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