lightSlipping in here to wish you a happy last weekend of December.

Two years ago at the end of the year I posted my favorite posts of 2011 written by some of you. I liked the practice of picking my favorites so much that I did it again last year.

But then 2013 happened and as of today I’ve only saved 3 of my favorites and what in the world?

So I won’t have a best-of-your posts this year, but I do have at least one more post planned for 2013 and it’s one of my favorite kinds we do here. At the end of every month I like to share a list of what I learned – from random celebrity connections to new-to-me iPhone tricks. I started writing these in February and enjoyed it so much I knew the only way to make it better was to have you write one, too.

Monday we’ll have our last What I Learned community link up of the year, where we all share our lists of what we learned in December. If you’re new here I’ve made a list of all the What I Learned posts in 2013 (minus October because I was traveling too much to learn anything that month):

I hope you’ll join us Monday!

P.S. I know you’re wondering what are those three favorite posts I remembered to record this year. Here they are:

What is one of your favorite posts you read this year? Feel free to link to it in the comments.