Here are some things I learned in September, listed in no particular order. Scroll down to add a link to your own list of things you learned this month.


1. This red flower in our front yard is a canna lily, as confirmed by the professionals on instagram. I’ve always wondered what it is as there are several of them right near our porch. But this is the first time I really looked at it and thought, Wait a minute. That thing is huge and red and tropical-ish. And it’s North Carolina. And it’s late September. What is this thing?! So thank you, instagram friends.

2. VSCO Cam is my current favorite iPhone app for photos. Thank you for that, Lore Fergusen.

3. So last week I was eating lunch with Annie Downs and as we got our ketchup for our fries she says “So have you seen that thing on Pinterest that explains how we’ve been using these ketchup things wrong?”

And I’m all, Nope (which I just spelled Knope, by the way. Parks and Rec anyone?)

She goes on to demonstrate how to expand the little white upside-down chef’s hat ketchup holders so they hold more ketchup, as was the intention of the original design. This will be one of the things I learned in September! But then I don’t take one  single photo of her doing it so I can’t show you.

To have at least have some reference to tell you how this works, I decide to just Google it. But then I think, I have no idea what to Google for this.

I started with the only words I could think of to look this up: “ketchup things.” And of course, there it was.

ketchup things expand

Go forth and expand your ketchup things.

4. If I’m cold, I am useless. Subconsciously I’ve always known this. But there was a day early this month when I was trying to write at Starbucks and I couldn’t think or focus because it was free. Zing. I have learned which coffee shops and restaurants are unreasonably cold and now take a blanket with me when I go there to work.

5. I am a terrible speller. This I’ve always mostly known. For example, poast for post. Every. Single. Time. Now that I’m doing these things I learned poasts, I am noticing this more than ever.

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