Lamps. Our warm-lighted, mood-setting, friends. Lamps are kind of like shoes: I have way too many and not nearly enough. I hesitate to participate in this lamp showing party because I feel like y’all have already seen every nook and cranny possible in this house. But she’s my sister and I love lamps and I just can’t help myself.lamps-1

That lamp is really big. A Marshalls original. It is my favorite in the house.


The Nester says every kitchen should have at least one lamp and this chandelier counts since it has shades. Only problem is it is hung too high. I’m too lazy to change it.lamps-3

Our dining room chandelier is hung lower, as you can see. Notice how I like to put lamps in front of mirrors to make it look like more lamps. Also notice our kitchen cabinets through that door there before we painted them black.


Then you got your sheep lamp…


your shell lamps…


…and your bird lamp. I have more, but I’ll stop now. Head on over to Nesting Place to peek in other peoples houses and get a glimpse of their lovely lampage.