Is this not the cutest salt and pepper shaker you have ever seen? Who do you think owns these? I’ll give you one guess.  They can fit in the palm of your hand. They may even fit in your pocket. And it may be that no one even notices if you walk out with them. Not that you would do that. But you could is all I’m saying.

They were a gift from Laryssa @ Heaven in the Home who happens to have a great post up right now about eating real food.

While we’re talking about things in the kitchen, I have to tell you about Amanda @ The Eck Life who was inspired to paint her kitchen cabinets black. And she has before and after photos to share. Love. It.

And to round out these kitchen chats: Wanna know how to clean your wooden cutting board? Check out Kendra’s video tutorial @ My First Kitchen.

I’m headed to my moms house this morning and I can’t wait to show you her new backsplash. It is the same as mine, but if mine is the baby then hers is the mommy. You’ll see what I mean.