Kendra Adachi - Artists Who Influence

I know it’s easy to call the painters, the singers, and the dancers artists. And they are. But you know by now that the kind of art we talk about here is broader than that.

Kendra is one of my favorite examples of an artist because she has taken brave steps to uncover what it is that makes her come alive and she has found a way to package that up as a gift for others. This didn’t come quick or easy.

She loves to bake, she loves movies, and she loves to create environments for people to connect with one another. How can all those different passions make up a thing?

In the spirit of a true creative, she took all of those seemingly unrelated things and decided to put them in a box – literally. She created The Sugar Box, a monthly box of happiness filled with sugary treats all inspired by a different Hollywood theme.

Our local news featured The Sugar Box in a story that aired last week, so you can hear Kendra share in her own words from her own kitchen in this two and a half minute feature.

This month’s box theme was The Wizard of Oz. Here’s a peek at mine:

Wizard of Oz Sugar Box

And then (then!) she hosted a Wizard of Oz party last night. A costume one.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

And she dressed up like the Mayor of Munchkin City (in the county of the Land of Oz):

The Mayor of Munchkin City and the Wash and Brush Up  Company Girl

I left the party last night so happy that someone cared enough about fun and togetherness to create an environment where we could all share it. And the fact that I got to dress up like one of the Wash and Brush Up Company girls and eat cake with a rainbow on it and listen to Judy Garland’s voice signing in the background? Bonus.

Remember, art is what happens when you dare to be who you really are; when what is most alive in you is offered as a gift to others. There are no rules for that – no matter if you think your thing is silly or unimportant, the truth is if it’s important to youthen you have to pay attention to it. If you don’t, we’ll all miss out.

Just like it’s work to host a party on a Tuesday night, it’s a fight to keep a light heart in a sorrow-heavy world. I’m thankful for artists like Kendra who have made it their job to become wonder-fighters. And I’m even more thankful they bring us along. That’s why Kendra is an artist who influences.

Those of us who are local are loving this monthly box of sugar. And if you are local and haven’t yet ordered a box? Orders open for next month on November 1!

Now listen, I know you want to get your hands on a Sugar Box. Right now it’s only available for pick up (no shipping), which means if you live in Florida you probably can’t order a box unless you want to drive to Greensboro on Sugar Box Day (which you are more than welcome to do).

But you can still enjoy some of the happy Kendra creates because she writes regularly on her blog at where she shares delightfully hilarious lists, recipes, recaps, and obsessions (of both the food and fangirl variety). For example:

You can also join the Sugar Mob and get all kinds of fangirly-ness delivered straight into your inbox for free.