The summer is in full swing round these parts and I feel like Busy has been chasing me around with a whip. I’ve got a little bit of hazy and a touch of crazy but not much lazy in my summer so far. A lot of the chaos is in my head. And on my list. And on the laundry room floor. But it’s summer so I want to talk about June. Not that June, this June.


You read Bye, Bye Pie, right?  You should. She’s the first one listed under funnies in my blogroll. Well now she has been nominated for a Funniest Blog award and seeing as how she is the funniest blogger, I think she oughtta win. And eventhough she says that drawing attention to the funny makes her not funny, I beg to differ. Her un-funny is 100 times more funny than normal people’s really funny. And? It is JUNE, after all. So vote for June in June.

Besides the fact that she is laugh-out-loud funny, she deserves to win in my book based entirely on her willingness to let my girls manhandle her cat, as seen below.


Lucky me that I have June in my town. Lucky you that you can take 10 seconds (once per day per email address!) to make her the funniest blogger around. Of course, she already is the funniest. But now the world will know.