Julie Silander-2

I only met her once, at the end of an event in Charlotte back in August. She came up to my book table and we started to talk, somehow coming around to a website we both read and one she contributes to. I told her I wanted to attend their yearly gathering but I know tickets are so hard to get. She paused, a thoughtful look on her face. I have an extra ticket for this year’s gathering. Would you like to have it?

She wasn’t able to attend this year, but later she told me she had been paying attention, asking the Lord to whom she might give her ticket. And as we talked together, she decided it should be me. So I went to Nashville last week to attend this gathering I’ve had my eye on. While there, people came up to welcome me, telling me Julie sent them to say hello.

As I spoke with them, I realized she does this for people all the time. She offers herself on behalf of others for their benefit and God’s glory.¬†That’s why Julie Silander is an artist who influences.