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Whenever I feel overwhelmed with my own work, I like to immerse myself in someone else’s, preferably someone who does work really different from mine. Enter Joy Wilson: aka Joy the Baker.

Sometimes it’s good to put yourself under the influence of the beautiful work of someone else, to let their art do it’s thing. I know so much work goes into what she does, but I dare not peek behind the curtain.

Some spaces you want to enter into and simply let it speak for what it is. It’s like when John worked at a church, I often wished I could just be a person who walked into the church and didn’t know all the details that went on during the week.

Joy the Bakerimage credit goes to Joy

Joy has done a lovely job of creating a lighthearted and beautiful space to visit, a space to be inspired with food. But the reason her writing feels this way is because she is this way herself. She has an intriguing way about her, a steady grace she brings to every situation. For example.

When we traveled to Africa back in January, we had to take that little tiny Barbie plane to a region that was too difficult to get to by car. I was a nervous wreck about it (as we all were) but I sat with my sister on one side of me and Joy on the other.

joy and africa

She had her hands resting gently on her lap as the plane took off – not wringing them or clenching them. Simply resting, calm and secure. We didn’t speak much on that plane ride, but settled into a comfortable silence, accepting our fate together. I think I stared at her relaxed hands for thirty minutes straight, willing my insides to reflect her outsides. It worked. It was the most calm I felt the entire week.

Joy’s new cookbook releases this week: Joy the Baker Homemade Decadence: Irresistibly Sweet, Salty, Gooey, Sticky, Fluffy, Creamy, Crunchy Treats. And (and!) she is revealing her new blog design as well. So visit Joy, check out her cookbook, and eat a cookie. And if you have a tiny plane ride coming up soon, remember to open your hands and breathe.

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