For months I’ve been looking forward to this week. MONTHS, I tell you. Because finally I get to invite a team to join me in launching this next book into the world. I have never had a launch team before and I absolutely am over the moon about doing this with you.

 Simply Tuesday by Emily P. Freeman

If you want to join the team, here’s everything you need to know. I’m going to pretend like you are asking the question and then I’m going to answer that question because that’s how we do things on the Internet.

Wait, you have another book coming out?!

I do! It’s called Simply Tuesday: Small-Moment Living in a Fast-Moving World and it releases on August 18. That’s 10 weeks from today. Also it comes out on a Tuesday because of course it does.

Cool. Also, what’s a launch team?

A launch team is a group of people who are excited about the book and are willing to help spread the word when it releases. This team will be made up of those living in the USA or Canada.

What does a launch team do?

We simply ask that you read the book and then share about it before, during, and after the release date (August 18) through relationships, blogs, websites, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and/or by leaving reviews on retailer sites.

What’s in it for me?

First, you’ll get a free copy of the book delivered to your doorstep and can read it 2 months before it comes out so that’s fun. Basically no one has read the book yet beyond my editors, my husband, my assistant, my BFF, my sister, and the endorsers. Okay so that’s like 20 people. But still.

You will also receive an invite to join a private Facebook group for Launch Team Members where we will tell you all you need to know as well as share general excitement and Tuesday togetherness. And this will most likely be the safest place on the Internet for me. Oh wait, that’s what’s in it for me. Never mind.

Seriously though, I am so grateful for even just the idea of having a team to do this with. I can’t wait to meet you (virtually at least) and be part of taking back Tuesday together with you.

How many people will be on the team?

My publisher has 450 ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) ready right now to send in the mail. So as soon as the team is selected, those books will be sent to 450 of you. Yippee!

Womp, womp. I don’t have a huge following online. Can’t I still sign up?

Please and of course. We’re all just people, figuring out how to walk with Christ into our everyday lives. We all have friends, family, and unique spheres of influence. I call those our benches.

While online influence is important in a book launch, it isn’t the only measure. I am honored that you are willing to share the message of Simply Tuesday in your own place of influence – book clubs, churches, workplaces, neighborhoods. To think you would be willing to share your bench with me and this book, well. That’s an honor. If you’re interested, no matter what your numbers are, please sign up and be sure to mention ways you are excited to help spread the word!

Great! So how do I apply and when will I find out if I’m in?

You can apply right here by filling out a simple form. I will not personally be selecting the team but once the team is selected I will be personally involved because having a launch team feels like the best thing ever and I’m so excited I cannot possibly take it. We will take submissions through Monday June 15.

If you are selected for the team you’ll receive an email by June 18th. I wish with all of my heart we could take everyone who is interested but we have a limited number of ARCs available. I hope you’re one of the 450! I can’t wait to do this together.

Unable to be part of the launch team but interested in reading the book? Simply Tuesday is now available for pre-order. Secure your copy on Amazon or Barnes and Noble and you’ll be so excited in August because you’ll forget you ordered it and it will magically appear in your mailbox or on your e-reader. Books are a fun gift to give your future self. Amen.