These lovely girls have been on my mind a lot this week as I’ve thought about the bloggers on the Compassion trip. The Relevant Conference was the first time we saw each other again since we travelled to the Philippines this past summer. That’s Tsh there, second from the left. What a gift to get to know her better this past year. She had me as a guest on the Simple Mom Podcast this week.

Here’s what you can expect to find:

  • Behind the scenes of writing 31 days to change the world  (1:00)
  • A bit about time travel and the Philippines (5:30)
  • The Relevant Conference (8:00)
  • On editors and agents (11:45)
  • What it feels like to have a book in bookstores (13:33)
  • On writing a book, being a good girl, and marketing your stuff (15:00)
  • Photography tips, my favorite lens, free editing software, and the sign of a good photographer (24:45)
  • This is the part where I brag a bit on one of my favorite bloggers (38:10)
  • The illusion of doing “it all” (40:00)
  • And finally, to tie it all up with a bow, the embarrassing contents of my bedside table (47:00)

So if you would like some company while you fold your towels this afternoon, click here to listen to the podcast.