A note from my Fairy Blogmother:

“I was just reading comments and noticed that some people are still having trouble. They need to clear their CACHE. Computers remember what webpages look like so they don’t have to load each and every item that they frequently view every time they load Chatting or Nester or whatever. So, all the people who view you often and are still having problems are viewing the old version that is being ‘remembered’ in their computer’s cache.”

Got that? If you are still having issues reading then A: you won’t be able to read this message or B: you are going to ask me how to clear your cache. And I will look at you funny and scratch my head.Then I will say how lame this is for a 200th post. Then I will tell you how fun it was for me to read all the comments about housekeeping yesterday and how I have so much more to say about that but all my time is being taken up doing this:

taken by Alisa

That’s me, taking a photo. Have I mentioned I’m going to be shooting a wedding with my friend Alisa in a few weeks? With a real bride and groom? We’ve been busy taking their engagement shots and her bridal portraits. And I’m realizing I have a hard time deciding which photos to keep and which ones to toss. Lots of work, this is.

But, they’re gonna pay us money. Real money.

Not to be confused with “cache”.