Hello. It’s October 27th and I’m only on Day 20 of our 31 day series. I have zero amount of concern over this, just so you know. Because here’s what I’ve been thinking.

As I’m writing this series I’m realizing how much I’m enjoying it. So much, in fact, that I don’t want to rush through it. And so (so!) I decided sometime two weeks ago, between being stuck in D.C. overnight after a missed connection and driving around Nashville in a rental car, that for me in this season, publishing daily on the blog for 31 days in a row isn’t working out.

Artists who Influence-2

But I forgot to tell you. So instead of frantically trying to catch up, I’m going to cram 31 days of writing into, well, more than 31 days. (John always jokes that he crammed 4 years of college into 6. Haha.)

So far I’ve highlighted 19 Artists Who Influence. My plan is to continue posting other kinds of posts here like normal but to transition my October series into an on-going series instead. I will add an artist to the list periodically as we go along.

Thanks for always being gracious – that’s one of the things I love about this space we’ve created together. I rarely, if ever, feel weirdness or frantic expectations from you. We’ve settled in to a comfortable groove, I think. And if you are also behind on your 31 days of writing, remember that it’s meant to be a practice for you not the boss of you. So take a deep, lovely breath in along with me.

P.S. In an interesting turn of sisterly events, my sister posted a similar sentiment today on her blog that is worth the read. I promise we didn’t plan this but it comes as no surprise.

Myquillyn and Emily

We have a tendency to dress the same on accident and say the same words at the same time in conversation so of course we would wave our 31 days white flag on the same day. Of course we would.

One more thing – I’d love to hear who has been your favorite artist so far?