There are three sick children in the house this week, the fifth day in a row of fevers and coughs. The only words in my vocabulary are  Let me take your temperature and Your chicken noodle soup is ready.This is my built-in-to-the-wall-in-the-laundry-room desk. I write on it with a dry erase marker because it has glass on top of it. And yes, it is a brilliant idea. And no, it wasn’t mine, it was like that when we moved in. So I take cryptic notes and try to either check them off or write them on real paper before the four-year-old runs his cars all over it and it gets “accidentally” erased.

Here are some links I meant to share this weekend, but forgot because you know, the fever. Enjoy the words woven by these artists among us:

All You Need is Love by Remodeling This Life

Pieces of Me by Kelly Sauer | A Restless Heart

Running Our Races & Becoming Winners by Jody Hedlund

Artist in Residence by Miss A La Mode

Her Big Brown Eyes by Brambleberry Grace

How to See by The Run-A-Muck