Unwrapping Tuesday was the most bloggy fun I’ve had in a while! Thank you all so much for participating. Your words and moments are so inspiring to me.


My soul feels all filled up and satisfied. The following is one of my favorite images from Tuesday. Jo writes:

I was reminded of my unswept kitchen floor, the Sunday bag from Bebe’s still unpacked, the dryer full of clothes and my lonely treadmill. Beckoning louder was the warm spring air and I gave in. With a glass of ice tea in one hand, my new book about Manley Beasley in the other and the phone antenna in my teeth I headed outside. Not a page into my book I was interrupted by giggly chatter of three kids intoxicated by warm air and each others’ silliness.

I love that. I simply can’t get enough of these small, sweet, ordinary gifts. I would like to do it again next Tuesday. I don’t know if I can commit to every Tuesday until forever, but for now let’s say next week, same time same place.


Now, about that button. For those of you who like to put cute little buttons in your sidebar, I think I have the code right this time. Let me know if it isn’t working. Or if it is. That would be good to know, too.

Chatting at the Sky

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