Well. You may have already heard the buzz of excitement hovering around the blog-world this week. If not, let me tell you what the buzz is all about: It is about courage. It is about our girl-made mess and the God who redeems it. It is a place to be inspired, rejuvenated, and accepted.


So what is it? Well, on Monday August 10th, you can see for yourself. For now, check out www.incourage.me for a preview. The girls at Dayspring (a division of Hallmark) have been tirelessly working to launch a new site for you and me, a place to call home. They have asked more than 20 women to write for (in)courage, and I am blessed to be among them. And y’all? Let me just tell you that several of us just spent the weekend together at She Speaks with Stephanie and Holley from Dayspring and my heart felt at home indeed. These girls have a vision that will knock your socks right off your feet.

If you have come here from Amber, then welcome! She is one of my favorite writers, which is why I was so thrilled to be a part of this new site with her. Anything that Amber writes for has to be good, right?

Perhaps you’ve already been introduced to some of the other (in)courage writers on their blogs this week. I’d like to introduce you to another one.

I met Ginny at She Speaks last weekend. Though I didn’t get to spend a ton of time with her, I liked her right away. This girl knows about the girl-made mess and she is honest enough to not try to hide it. She has both a deep-thinking soul and a hilarious sense of humor: two of my favorite things.  Please pay her a visit her at The Thoughts I Think and find out more about this fun new site.


It is exciting to finally be able to tell you about (in)courage. I think it will fast become one of my favorite places to be. Yours too? Join us Monday, August 10 to find out.