I want to thank those of you who have submitted or are planning to submit a guest post. It will help so much in these final weeks before my deadline. I have been so encouraged at your support and willingness to help. I will have my first guest post up sometime next week. I won’t always announce that fact, but there is something I just had to say about this girl. Y’all. Look at this:

That’s Kimberly, my first guest poster from Find Time for Tea on the left and Kimberly Williams from Father of the Bride on the right. I know. They have the same name. What? And if you disagree with me and try to tell me they do not look alike, I will simply tell you that I am skilled in these things. I see numbers as people, letters as colors and movie stars in everyone I meet. It is a gift.

So look out for Kimberly sometime next week. I would have just mentioned this at the end of her post, but I didn’t want to junk it all up. Carry on with your regular weekend activities. I went to the rich people Goodwill with my mom and sister today. I bought lots of shirts. Good times.