Maybe you are thinking These art posts aren’t for me. I’m not the creative type. I’m more of a numbers girl. And well, that may be true. I know it can be a bold and maybe ridiculous thing to clump all types of art together, the I-paint-for-a-living type and the just-plain-living type. But that’s what we’ve been doing here because I think it overlaps a lot anyway.

For example, Kendra cooks. And it isn’t just about the food, it’s about what the food means for a family. It’s about feeding a soul. And she is so passionate about it, that she wanted to share that passion with people. So she opened her own business and began to teach cooking classes. And she was good at it, and people who took one class usually ended up taking two. Because when Kendra is in the kitchen, she creates. She is free. She makes art. She even started a blog about it.

Then, Kendra had a baby. And it became more difficult to teach the classes. And the business began to feel like a burden a little bit. And so she followed her heart, and she shut it down. And she quit her blog. And you know what?

She still makes art.

Every day, she cooks for her husband and she mothers that baby with love and fulness and hope. She isn’t perfect, she doesn’t always feel loving and creative, but she loves anyway and she makes decisions for her family that are smart. Right now, Kendra’s home is her canvas and her love is her brush. Balk at me if you want to, and call me a rainbow and unicorn lover, but that girl makes art everyday.

And so do you. But do you call it that? It’s not just paint, and it’s not just cooking. For some people, art might look like starting a business. And for others, it may look like shutting one down. Life is art. Don’t you see that by now? Do you trust yourself with the beauty of it? How can you doubt the art in you? How can you live, everyday, in this world packed with miracles, and not see the art? How can you, a miracle yourself with those deep eyes and that gorgeous laugh, how can you say you aren’t an artist? It’s not about art school or making a living with a paintbrush. I mean, it can be that. But it’s more. It’s so much more. See the art today, this day. And live it.