It was the evening of July 19, exactly one week ago today. The Man was in Peru on a mission trip, the kids were with my parents for the week, and I was sitting sweaty in my workout clothes when I realized, I’m finished. There is not one more thing I can do with this manuscript in my  hands. I emailed my editor and she heartily welcomed me to send it her way.

And so at 6:01pm, I crafted the email, attached the document, and waited to hear the angels sing. They didn’t. I tried to call my girl, Kendra for encouragement to hit send. No answer. Then, I tried to call my parents for the same thing. Voice mail. And so I said out loud to Jesus, Here we go, Lord. As I quickly hit the send button, all those words and heart and tears and joy slipped quietly, invisibly away across the internets into the inbox of my editor.

I finished two weeks early. What an overwhelming relief.