Speaking of making space, I am trying to de-clutter because I can’t find my iPod and we have too much stuff and I think Simple Mom is cool.

The following items are standing in my way.

  • One special edition pop-out map of Atlanta. It fits in my pocket! Granted I haven’t been to Atlanta in over 3 years and I don’t have plans to go. But when I do go, how cool would it be to have a special edition pop-out map?!
  • teeny tiny earrings that I’ll never wear but my MIL told me not to sell at a yard sale because she bought them for me and well, they’re real. Don’t ask me what kind of real because I don’t know. But it basically means I can’t donate them, sell them or throw them away.
  • two small, momma/child figurines brought straight from the home of The Man’s very healthy and delightful 95-year-old grandmother who has been getting rid of things for the past 10 years because she believes she will surely die soon but she “just keeps breathing!” (her words not mine). (hence the quotes).

And. As if those things weren’t enough. Look what FedEx brought to my door last week.
Four boxes filled with everything from our totaled car. It was towed from the scene of the accident to a lot out of town so they had to ship all of our things to us. I was all put out because we hadn’t gotten our things out earlier and it was so inconvenient to have to wait for our things and when is it all gonna get here anyway? I need my things!
Here they are. Here are my things. My very important, can’t-live-without-you – things. Can I begin to explain to you how discouraging it is to get a box of trash in the mail? How about FOUR BOXES OF TRASH? Seriously, did I drive around with all this trash in my car all the time? Am I a person? Because I’m seriously beginning to wonder if I have whiskers and a really long tail.

Nothing says “de-clutter” like having FedEx back their ginormous truck into your driveway and deliver four boxes of your very important trash. At least it was easy to throw all that away. But what to do with the pop-out map of Atlanta?