What has 16 wheels, four eyes and speaks fluent Whine?
The twins wearing the worst Christmas gift ever. Back in August when they first asked for skates, I am confident they had visions of gliding down a smooth road at warp speed, waving at smiling dogs and happy neighbors while holding pink balloons. That is not what happened.
Skates are trouble. They are heavy and bulky and hurty and not tight enough and waaay too tight. Not to mention they like, move. On their own. Still, everyday since Christmas, they have begged me to take them out. I finally caved, tired of hearing myself make up excuses like We’ll do that later or It’s too cold outside or Well, we need to wait for Daddy to do skates because Mommy doesn’t know how or I don’t speak English.
After 20 minutes of velcroing Barbie elbow pads, knee pads, wrist pads and helmets, we finally managed to arrive outside in the minus 17 degree weather. I walked at a snails pace, both girls hanging onto my arms for their very lives. They were lucky they had all that padding. After a few laps around the culde-sac, I declared it to be too cold to function.
I think gifts that require excessive work from Mommy and/or lots of equipment and/or wheels should be banned until kids are 12. That is my new rule. So, do you have any gift disasters?