When my parents first got their dog, Delly, I thought they had gone mad. My mom doesn’t like dogs, at least thats what I thought. But they were living in Austin and we were all on the east coast and they were lonely. So they got a dog. I remember when she was a puppy and they would take her out to do her business, they would say the phrase “Hurry up, delly…hurry up!” real fast and sing-songy…they said it was her trigger to go ahead and pee or…whatever.

Sometimes I hear myself telling my girls to hurry up…but then I can’t figure out why. There are those days when we are late to preschool or an appointment and I simply don’t have time to wait for them to buckle their own car seat belt. But a lot of the time, we are going to the park or Target or someplace where time isn’t a factor. Still, I hear those words come from my mouth….”Come on girls…hurry up. Put your shoes on, hurry up. Let’s go to the car. Close the door. Come on! Hurry up!” Why do I do that?

I read something in the booklet that their Sunday school teacher sends home each week, and it said instead of telling your child to hurry up, give yourself a chance to slow down! Let your child set the pace.

Oh. I’d never thought of that. A chance to slow down. Now there’s a novel idea.