No matter where you go, the list-making, future-looking whir will follow you. You can sit outside a bakery on a street in Paris and be miserable for all the noise in your head. You can watch the calm ocean waters and the deep blue sky as they mock you with all their peace and quiet. You can breathe in the deep mountain air right along with your worries. It isn’t the place that brings peace.

You may slip into the summer slowness the way a mom goes into the pool, one small toe at a time. Or you may have gotten a running start from the fence and jumped right in, arms waving wild and free. It doesn’t matter how you enter in. There is no wrong.

But do enter. Vacation isn’t just to vacate a place, but to rest from the whirring in your head, the running list and the constant looking to the future. You have to fight for slow, and sometimes the fight looks like sitting on the rug with a deck of go fish cards. Let the sun highlight your hair today. Let the minutes pass as you sit and watch them play. Stand with your feet in the grass and your face to the wind, close your eyes and breathe in deep. The gifts are waiting quiet in small places. Pause to see them. Pick them up and turn them over. Discover the beauty of slow.

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