We weren’t the only ones in the coffee shop, but we may as well have been. We sat close at the small round table, white mugs between us. Only dating for a few months, the sky was still seven shades brighter than ever and love was ridiculous in a good way. He sought me there in that chair, leaned short across the table, placed his heavy hand on my arm, and spoke magic into the silence – How are you, really?

It was an invitation to honest, a loving dare to risk exposure, a call to intimacy. And I had one of two choices to make: I could tell him, or I could not tell him. Isn’t that always the choice? Let them see or stay hidden. Speak or stay silent. Love or be safe.

That day, I chose visibility. I chose to speak. I chose to love. I answered him, honest and true. I looked him in the eye and gave myself permission to answer his questions. Understanding the art of listening is worth diamonds and gold.

Want to know the secret to making magic? See people. And let them see you.