My husband’s father owned 36 Waffle Houses before he retired. I don’t know if it’s true, but the story goes that whenever they build a new Waffle House, they have a ceremony to drop a symbolic key in the sidewalk cement. Because the restaraunt is open every single day of the year, Waffle House doors have no locks. Probably not exactly true, but that’s how the story goes.

I could never own a Waffle House. But really, the internet is the Waffle House.

It never closes.

In many ways, my office is the internet. Yours probably is too?

When your office never closes there is a strong possibility you might begin to have panic attacks.

I read Rachel Held Evans post today, A Simple Chart That Explains Why I Am Less Successful Than Mike Hyatt. First it made me laugh.

Then it made me cry.

I admit I exaggerate a little – I haven’t actually had a panic attack. Yet. Still, I’m going to disappear for a week, drink in the quiet, reset my soul. For those of you reading Grace for the Good Girl with us, I’ll post Chapters 11 – 12 either Friday July 6 or Saturday July 7. There may also be a post of mine up at (in)courage on July 4.

USA friends? Enjoy Independence Day. International friends? Enjoy these days of summer or, in some cases, winter. May the Lord quiet any panic that threatens to overwhelm you, and may you discover new ways to reset your own soul. Breathe in deep, waste lots of time, and be sure to eat a waffle.

Thank you for reading and for grace.