Sometimes the daily gifts are light and easy, and other times they are hard to receive. Coming home from a high energy weekend, this homebody girl has been more than thankful to be back in my own space. There is nothing sweeter than home.

Even as I embrace the beauty and comfort of this home we have made, the images from The Man’s recent trip to Peru continue to come to my mind. Entire homes are smaller than our kitchen. And between those walls live so many people, mama’s with babies, just like me.

And I wonder why things are this way. And I sit in the midst of all my posh. And I question and worry and don’t know what to do. Even as I unwrap these gifts of home, I think of them.

I didn’t plan to write this, exactly. But as I searched for images to share of my home, theirs kept coming to mind. As I thought of the gifts around me, I couldn’t help but feel unsettled. With those Peru images on my mind, it is hard to fully receive this gift of home and call it mine and embrace it. I’m not sure what to do with it, except to notice. I think it’s important to notice. To ask why. To pray and beg for wisdom, to hold everything with an open hand, to remember that nothing on this earth belongs to me.

And so, I’ll say it again: Sometimes the daily gifts are light and easy, and other times they are hard to receive.

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