Katie and her German husband, Martin, split their time between life in Berlin, Germany and the Rocky Mountains in the US. In April, she launched an online shop of handmade journals and minibooks. In her own words: “I know we all have stories about ourselves, our travels, our homes; I want to help people celebrate those journeys in a fun (and affordable) way!”

I think the post office must hate me. I am constantly filling out fowarding information. Since June of 2007, my husband and I have lived on two continents, four states, and six communities. I have a whole section of my address book dedicated to all of the companies I need to contact each time we move.

The hardest question anyone could ever ask me is, “So Katie, where do you live?” Or at least that used to be the hardest question.

We just moved to the Rocky Mountains in the US for the summer after 9 months in Berlin, Germany. For a long time, I was working very hard to reach out and meet the expat community in Berlin.  I’d met some really amazing people. It was beyond inspiring to sit at an outdoor cafe, chatting over coffee with people who loved where they live. They were not Germans, and they absolutely loved living in Germany. You don’t have to be fluent in the local language to call a place home.  You don’t have to completely understand the culture around you to love it.  You just have to be open.

At the same time, I have been meeting expats who just ache to get back to where they came from. They hold on so tightly to the world where they came from – to the place where everything was comfortable.  I come home feeling drained.  Somehow, I’d love to give them passion for this fabulous place where we get to live.  It’s all about your attitude and the way you look at everyday life and the choices you get to make.  No one can alter that for you – no matter where you live or have lived.

The definition of home and feeling happy and alive there has to begin deep in your heart before it can grow anywhere else. So what is home?

If you’re not there right now, what do you suppose could change that?

Is it physically moving to a new place?  Or is it moving your heart?

I like to document the places we call home in a little minibook called {Love Where We Live}. It’s one of several journals from my online shop, Gadanke. Imagine what it would be like to look back on where you were after 10 years. What did the little corners of your house look like?  How did you spend your days in town?  What did you love about your home?  I imagine sharing this book with our kids one day.


I’m glad for this reminder of the true meaning of home. Katie sent me one of these little home journals as well. Here are some pages from mine:

If you would like to learn more about Katie, visit her at her blog, Making This Home. Or if you would like to learn more about her homemade journals, visit her shop, Gadanke.