true love disney style

I want to be all New Years-y and goal-setting-y and fresh start making. But that is just going to have to wait until another post because we are taking the kids to Disney in the near-ish future and I have no idea what I’m doing. My sweet husband has done all the planning for the past six months and now my part is fast approaching: the packing.

I’ve never been to the Magic Kingdom so I’m really looking forward to the castle and the princesses and all the magic. The girls are looking forward to meeting Ariel but they very much expect her to be in a tail. Not sure how that’s gonna work. But first I have to pack. And I am filled with anxiety about the whole thing.

Have you been with your kids? What would you say is the number one must have thing that I may not think of? Or perhaps your top three must have things? We will be flying, if that changes anything. It makes a big difference to me as I am super anxious about flying. But that’s a whole nother post.

I would appreciate any Disney advice you would like to offer: packing related, ride related, anything really. Ready? Go.