My creation

e like books. We have stacks this high on our bedside tables. Part of that is because we read, but another part of that is because we don’t read. As in, we start but we don’t finish. He never reads fiction. As in, never. No time, ever does he read fiction. He loves story, but not a whole book of it.

I read non-fiction, but never one at a time. A chapter of this one, a paragraph of that one. I’m sort of non-committal when it comes to non-fiction. Which, as I think of it now, doesn’t bode well for me since I’m writing a non-fiction book. Because fiction? I love fiction. A good fiction book is like a secret addiction. I can’t just read a little bit every night before I go to bed. I have to read it every free minute until I’m finished. I don’t read fiction very often. It isn’t good for my marriage. (Do you think I can say ‘fiction’ one more time in this post? Fiction?)

What about you? Do you read mainly fiction? Non-fiction? People magazine? The back of the cereal box? Do tell.