If you are heading to the polls today, don’t forget to listen in on those around you as you stand in line to vote. I’d love to hear your favorite quote from your sly eavesdropping. My voting experience was so very entertaining that I couldn’t possibly include it all in my last post. One of my favorite quotes from a fellow voter happened as follows:

After waiting over an hour, I glanced up as a group of three young girls walked into the crowded recreation center. They nearly spilled their Starbucks as they took one look at the line. Then, one of them walked confidently to a man who worked at the center and said in a loud, valley girl voice: “Can’t we just like, go up to the window and vote?”

Yes she did. And, when the man said no, she actually huffed. She huffed, people. There may have even been an eye roll. I’m surprised she didn’t fall over from all of our grownup eyes boring into the back of her sloppy pony-tailed head. I think we all stood collectively taller as she and her cohorts sauntered to the back of the line. Justice had been served. The people were satisfied. Democracy at its finest.

Now that it’s almost over, I can’t say I will miss the political ads. But there is a twinge of sadness as I bid farewell to all the personal phone calls I have been getting. Both Michelle and Barack Obama have called during this election season. Tonight, it was Hank Williams Jr. And last week, Stevie Wonder actually sang to me. He called to say he loved me. So sweet.

I just love living in a swing state.