porch snowOne thing I have learned in February so far is that it’s impossible to measure snowfall with a tape measure. Ask me how I know. We don’t have a ruler in our house so I can’t tell you how many inches of snow is sitting in our yard right now. It’s a lot though, which I realize is relative depending on where you live. For our kids, it’s more than they’ve seen at once in their lifetime.

snowingI bought that yellow jacket in Maine on our honeymoon nearly 13 years ago, never imagining when I picked it out on a cool day in July that my daughter would grab it on her way out the door to play in the snow, certainly never imagining it would fit her. And time stands silently beside me, leans over only to whisper a soft mmmm-hmmmm and a faint look at her now.

My eyes linger long on this photo, evidence of my little ones growing big. I’m nearly overcome until I notice my house in the background – wait, is my house crooked? 

The moment is gone. Oh well. It’s a snow day.

Here’s something I can hold onto today – I’m sharing six life lessons I learned while in Uganda today over at (in)courage. Join me there?

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