It is no secret to you who frequent this place how I value rest. Of heart, of soul, of spirit. It may come as a surprise to you how little I actually practice rest. That is one reason why I started Tuesdays Unwrapped. In an attempt to force a thankful attitude in the middle of life chaos, I hoped that rest would become more natural. And in many ways, it has. But I still get stuck in the avoidance of rest cycle. I busy my hands and eyes and mind with motion and activity just to be moving and active.

green tuesday

I read an article about the extreme conservationist guy who didn’t use toilet paper for a year. Not that I’m suggesting that. But one of his tips was to take a day and simply BE: Don’t buy anything, don’t turn anything on, don’t transport yourself anywhere. That last one especially hit me. I am constantly transporting myself. Sometimes physically. But many times, I’m traveling in my head to the future or the past. I’m thinking on what I should have done differently or better. I fill up my now by planning for later.

So here’s to a green Tuesday. Perhaps school and family and laundry prevents me from turning everything off and sitting in the dark. But nothing prevents me from choosing to be in this present moment, from conserving heart and soul energy. So I celebrate the now and have faith for the later. Join me?