Remember how I always say that I find my favorite blogs through Tuesdays Unwrapped? Well, I really mean it. Today, I’m proving it. I’m almost pretty for sure that I found all four of these great girls (who are great with their cameras) through Tuesdays. And since I am too lazy to continue to add great blogs to my featured page, I thought I’d highlight them here instead.
emily the pro

(I couldn’t find an appropriate photo to go with this post, so I stalked my friend Alisa’s flickr and found this one she took of me during a bridal shoot we did together. Now that is appropriate.)

The Storehouse – When I found Emma, I immediately liked her style. Her square photos and short, simple, heart-true words kept me coming back. And she’s in Australia so, you know, that’s cool. She also has a legit photography website here.

the habit of being – First, I totally love the name of her site. And when you go there, it’s like the screen says ‘shhhhhhh….’ She writes a mix of family and perspective and lists. She makes lots of lists on her blog and I really dig lists.

Lola B’s – Her header alone makes me want to stay awhile. Just love the feel of this place. She has recipes and photography and France. That’s right, she is writing all about her trip to France, complete with photos, lovely and light.

soul aperture – Simple, clean, beautiful photography and words to match. How have I missed this girl!?

I hope you find someone you haven’t met before as well as a bit of inspiration.