Our 31 days have come to a close. But not really. There is so much left to say. I have dared to write what I am  most passionate about, using this series to pull and stretch around my edges like filling the round pan with pizza dough. It feels risky, hesitant, and even a little foolish to do the thing you know you were made for. Sounds crazy, I know. But I’m growing weary of wishing away the passion. You have warmly, and eagerly received it. As a writer, there is no greater gift.

I’ve struggled with worry, I’m being too deep! too serious! too much! while at the same time, knowing I could go so much deeper. And in my book coming out next Fall, I do. I go deep. And there’s fear in that, too, fear I know will come around again when the critics are free to read at their leisure. But that is the job I signed up for, and even in the fear, I am so grateful for it.

This series on grace is the closest thing I’ve written on the blog that represents those things I most love to write. But it has only been a taste, a sampling, never enough. Writing that book was a lesson in undoing, as I had to explore this grace thing from all angles, include my own inside out. But this series reminded me of all there is to say about it, so much more than I could ever put in a book. I am so thankful for that.

And so today, I have two feverish babies home with me and my college roommate coming to visit this afternoon and at least 20 linkies I still haven’t visited from the link up on Saturday. Even so, here we are on Tuesday November 2, the first Tuesday back to unwrapping. Writing this month has been a sweet reminder of the way I am made, of the beautiful readers who gather here, and of the unbelievable gift of grace.

I know I haven’t talked much about starting Tuesdays back so maybe only a few of you will link today. Whether you link to a post you wrote earlier this month or write a shiny brand new one – I look forward to seeing any of you who remember. Don’t forget to link using the permalink to your unwrapped post and slip a link back here to Chatting at the Sky. If you have questions, visit the Tuesdays Unwrapped page.