It’s been a fun week in the Freeman house and I thank you for your kind support in the midst of it. A quick post this morning to share with you three things too good to keep to myself.

1. When I reached into the Dove chocolate bag last night and opened the wrapper, this is the message I got:Treat Tuesday like FridaySo there’s that.

And not only that but John’s message said “Actually go to a bookstore.” Both of these on book release week. Not even kidding you.

2. Speaking of book release, I’m sure none of you know that my new book Simply Tuesday finally released this week. I haven’t mentioned it or talked about it at all and I know you are very surprised and leaning in so you can hear me say words I have not yet said on this blog or anywhere on the internet. (Insert cry laugh face and also red face emojis).

But one of the most surprising things about release day was how pleased I was when scrolling through Instagram and Twitter at finding photos like this one from Jessica Wood:

For the Love + Simply Tuesday

Jen Hatmaker’s new book, For the Love, released on the very same day as Simply Tuesday. And let me tell you what you already know: she is a rock star. Go thee forth and find that book and laugh thy face off.

Seeing our books together like that was so fun for me. What could have led me to feel small this week has instead led me to gratitude because this is what I know down deep in my bones – there is room at the table.

One person’s success does not take anything away from anyone else’s.

Can you see how this last year of learning to celebrate my smallness applies in so many ways? It’s my only option. Any other choice is fear-based craziness because comparison has only two outcomes: compete or defeat.

If I’m competing with you then I can’t connect with you. What is that life?

If your soul feels bruised from imaginary elbows, hold on to this mantra: In the kingdom of God, there is room, there is room, there is room.

3. Finally, something that has made me laugh this week is this category the book is in right now:

Most Wished For

Yes! Simply Tuesday is the number one Most Wished For book in Spiritual Growth on Amazon right now, which essentially means a lot of people haven’t bought it yet but they’re thinking about it.

I love it. Thanks for laughing along with me. Seriously, though, it’s been a super fun week. Appreciate you!

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