This weekend I’m headed to the mountains with our youth group for their annual fall retreat. My small group girls are seniors this year  so this will be their last one. Since I just wrote a book for teen girls — what? You haven’t heard me talking incessantly about it for the past 3 weeks? — students are on my mind.

I think about these girls and the stuff they deal with everyday and I just want them to know the truth – that they are loved, brave, and free. If you love a girl, I know you want that for her, too.

This graphic is actually a card. On the back of this card, a lovely truth.

There are seven more cards similar to this one, each card corresponding with a different chapter of Graceful. I’ll have these cards with me to give you when I speak at various places this fall. But if you would like a pack of these cards sent to your house to give to your girl (or let’s be honest, to keep for yourself), simply finish this statement in the comments:

“Because God is graceful, I am …”

 I’ll announce 5 winners of the cardpacks on Friday September 28 on my Facebook page. Confession: I was more giddy when these cards arrived in the mail than when I got my first copy of the book. Confession complete.