When I was a kid, vacation meant packing up the Barbies in their bathing suits, driving a mile to Grandma Morland’s house, and dipping their plastic feet in her blow up swimming pool.

It meant fun dip at the public pool and sprinklers in the backyard.

Maybe once or twice, it meant driving 30 minutes outside our small Indiana town to Brown County State Park and pitching a tent for the night.

In other words, we pretty much didn’t take vacations.

But none of my friends did either as far as I knew. It wasn’t a thing.

Now, though, John and I take the kids to the beach every year right when school lets out. We meet his mom, his brother, his sister, and all their spouses and kids, too. We stay in a house right on the coast and spend the week with bikes and ice cream and as much time in or near water as is possible.

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The luxury of this is not lost on me.

Still, we all know vacation does not necessarily mean rest and the weeks leading up to leaving can be filled with so much running around and preparation that by the time you get to your destination, you wonder if it was all worth it.

It is always worth it. But sometimes it takes a few days to settle in.

This year was the smoothest transition from regular life to vacation life yet and I know exactly why. It’s because John wrote a Vacation Primer for the Soul and we both started it before we left.

As it turns out, I can pre-shop, pre-pack, and prepare for every possible scenario, but if I neglect my soul heading into vacation, I’ll be in a funk no matter what.

I loved this idea of a vacation primer so much I forced and coerced John to make it available to you as well.

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The five page primer includes:

  • A pre-trip prayer
  • A mindset shift before you go
  • A simple reading from scripture
  • Tips for family conversation
  • An evening prayer to close each night of your trip

Simply click the button below to download this free Vacation Primer for your Soul and it will land in your inbox for easy reading and printing.

John and Emily FreemanMy husband John is the director of a local non-profit called Grace Discipleship where he offers soul care for young men, families, and pastors through curious listening and spiritual friendship.

One of these days I will tell you all the beautiful ways God is moving in and around this hidden, local work John does everyday.

For now, if you want to learn more you can visit Grace Discipleship right here.