I hate Target for having bathing suits out in January. But I love it for the same reason…because bathing suits in January means 75% off wintery clothes.

I bought this outfit for $7.73. And by outfit, I mean shirt and pants. Throw in the cowboy boots from my mother-in-law, and you’re lookin’ at $13.08 for the outfit. Including tax. She got those boots at the beach last summer for $5. I guess those beach bums don’t have much use for cowboy boots. Fools.

I know it isn’t much…but a long sleeve t-shirt and a pair of comfortable fitting cords for less than 8 bucks is hard to beat. I just can’t stay away from a good bargain even if it sometimes means spending money I wouldn’t have spent otherwise. Kind of like my addiction to selling bargains at yard sales.

But I felt inclined to share this with the masses. Six racks of 75% off at Target! But stay away from the bathing suits. It would only encourage them. And discourage you. If you’re like me, anyway.