The Nester is doing a series featuring simple things you can do in your home right now to make it a little more inviting. Her tips require only 10 minutes and no money so I have no excuse. Here’s mine:bed-before

I walked upstairs this afternoon to get something from our bedroom and my first reaction was ugh get me out of here. This room is a wreck. But then I remembered her simple tips: Turn on the lamps. Make the bed. Remove the clutter. Add pretty pillows.


Ahh, yes. So much better. Not rocket science.  But here’s the secret: you have to actually do it. I felt so much better afterward. Of course, it only took my kids 10 seconds to make my room more inviting:


At least the base is set. Thanks Nester. To see more simple room transformations or to add one of your own, go here. To see the intro to the series, simply click on the button below that is so cute I had to use twice.