This is me and Annie from Annie Blogs. I mentioned her in my last post. How she wrote a book called From Head to Foot. How she basically wrote her heart down on paper so we can hold it in our hands. But I didn’t tell you how she loves high school girls like I do. And how she is one of the funniest people I know in real life. And how her book has reached straight through and pulled my insides out, even though it is written for girls younger than me. Because it reminds me of things I forgot I learned the first time around.

From Head to Foot: All of You Living All for Him is a devotional that reads like a memoir, written for high school and college aged girls. Annie has held nothing back. I cried half-way through page one, Chapter One. I laughed out loud on page 28. This book is so Annie. If you know her, you’ll know. And if you don’t know her, you will.

“When it came time to crown the queen, I almost fell over when they called my name. Me. Annie Downs. The ugly fat girl just won homecoming queen? I teared up and waved and hugged my daddy. I held the flowers and smiled for the newspaper photographer. And when I got home I cried. All by myself, lying on my bed, still wearing that heavy beaded dress. Because in my mind, I heard this: You won because everyone felt sorry for you. They voted for you because you are ugly, not pretty.

-Annie Downs, From Head to Foot

She says out loud the lies we all think. And then she walks girls through what it means to replace those lies with truth. I know everyone who reads this will think she is talking directly to them, but secretly I know she’s talking to me. It reads like a conversation. A sweet, funny, honest, friendly, and interesting conversation. This is a great book to use in a small group setting or to read individually. You will want this book for the high school girl in your life. Really and truly.

Today, I have four copies of Annie’s book to giveaway!

Simply leave a comment below and tell us who you would like this book for. And it’s totally okay to say you want it for yourself. You do not have to have a blog or website to win. But be sure to leave your email address (seen only by me) so I can get in touch with you if you win. I’ll announce and notify the four winners on Saturday, December 18. Hope you win! After you enter, go say hi to Annie and give her a good ‘atta girl. This book writing business can be tough on the nerves!