Photo by Greg Phipps

All the photos on this post were taken by my friend (and professional photographer) Greg Phipps of Phipps Photo. Greg is crazy skilled and able to capture light and emotion in spectacular ways. If you enjoy looking at good photography, check out his site.


Now for the free stuff. I hate to exclude 80 percent of you, but this offer is for those of you who are local. Let me introduce to you his most recent project:

Personal hardship and tragedy can strike any of us.  Many times it comes with no prior warning.  These hardships can hit right in the middle of anything, even planning your wedding. This can result in a couple not being able to follow through with the wedding plans they have either already made, or the dreams of what they had hoped for on their special day.  While Phipps Photo can’t control all aspects of the wedding plans, one thing we can help with is the photography.

I’m so excited about this! You know how I feel about photos at weddings. Everyone should have lovely photos to remember their day. So this offer is for you. Or your friend. Or your sister. Or your grandkids. Or that girl from work who just got engaged but then her fiance lost his job and they have no money for the vendors.


If you or someone you know is engaged and unable to afford a professional photographer for whatever reason, simply visit Phipps Photo to submit your story or the story of the person in need. Greg will choose one story and photograph the wedding for free. FREE! For details, check out Phipps Photo. The deadline to submit a story is April 15.



On a different note, thanks for the encouragement on the kitchen on Monday. It’s always a risk showing the home projects. You never know what other people might think. Many of you asked specific questions and I plan to do a follow up post next week, including a little feature on the window mistreatments. Stay tuned for that.