For Your Weekend - August

As the current season moves daily closer to the next one, may we take comfort in this familiar rhythm of change. May we remember how each season rests quietly inside the last until God calls it forth. This is true for our trees as well as our hearts. May we have eyes to see hope, patience to wait, and courage to move when it’s time.

Enjoy your weekend, friends. Here are a lot of reads and links for along the way:

  • Freedom for a Heart Held Hostage by Hustle // Because as August gives way to a new school year, maybe you need some hope in the midst of the hustle. And also because (in)courage is giving away a sweet gift basket to five of you who sign up.
  • Reading Chapter One to You // Because one night last week, after the sun went down and the cicadas started their summertime song, I huddled in a quiet corner at Mom and Dad’s house and read the first 40 pages of Simply Tuesday into a microphone. And this is where you can download and listen. I’ll be heartfelt company for you even though I read a little too fast.

final simply tuesday 800