for your weekend

We confess our fear of community–how we both crave and dread it at the same time. We confess our tendency to lurch and limp through interactions with people. May we be sensitive to the ways our words land in the hearts of others. May we be quick to turn to you when the words of others land heavy in ours. Show us the people you ask us to love and give us the courage to be loved in return.


Enjoy your weekend, friends. Here are a few good reads (and giveaways!) for along the way:

Simply Tuesday Party! by Martha Kimball // Because sometimes you need to see things from someone else’s point of view. Martha came to our release party At the White Barn and shares her perspective through words and photos.

Sunset by Sarah Bessey // Because when change comes, we only know what we are leaving behind but don’t always know what’s coming. And this is a reminder of  what we can see once we get to the top of the hill.

How to Love Well by Crystal Stine // Because true friends are the ones who aren’t impressed by you.

Book Giveaways! // Because free books! (Including Simply Tuesday):

  • Jessica Turner // Win a box of NINE great books (I could list them all but I don’t want to – go check it out!)
  • #SharingSimplyTuesday // You have until tomorrow night to enter to win my Sharing Simply Tuesday giveaway (Two $100 Barnes and Noble gift cards, 2 Yay Tuesday tees, 2 calendar packs, 2 personalized signed copies of Simply Tuesday). Check out the details of how to enter here.

Chatting at the Sky Shop // Because if you aren’t entering the giveaway, maybe you still need a Yay Tuesday tee in your life and here is where you can get one. A few sizes are sold out but maybe we still have yours!