For Your Weekend

May the blues of summertime rise up to meet you, from the pale salt of the sea to the western morning sky. Let the superman ice cream drip down your arm and the pool chlorine fade your swimsuit from red to pink. Don’t be afraid to dive into deep, cold waters. Even though the initial shock feels like too much, your body will soon adjust to the change and you’ll be enlivened with energy and hope.

May we see the blues of summer as a necessary detail, learning all they might have to teach us. Enjoy your weekend, friends.

Here are a few good reads for along the way:

  • Cultivating Space for the Sweet Mercy by Micha Boyett // Because sometimes you put a lot of pressure on yourself to handle major life transitions in certain ways and on certain timelines but really what you need is to be who you are, where you are, with no agenda.
  • A Messy Connection by Joanna Gaines // Because there is a difference between doing life right and living life well. Sometimes it takes a messy kitchen to see it.
  • Summer Blue by Benjamin Moore // Because maybe you want to get literal and paint a room one of the colors of summer.

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