For Your Weekend - emily p. freeman

May we let the weekend do what the weekend does – end the week. May we reflect on the joys, the losses, the conversations, and the everyday routines we’ve just lived through, keep what we need from them, and leave the rest gently in the past. Let’s look forward with courage towards the week to come, opening arms to all she might have to offer, trusting our future into the hands of God.

Enjoy your weekend, friends. Here are a few good reminders for along the way:

Surviving as an Introverted Mother by Kristen Howerton for Quiet Revolution // Susan Cain launched her new website this week and I’ve so enjoyed exploring over there. This piece is a comfort for any mom who has ever felt rage when her kids wake up early from a nap.

Motherhood for the Introvert by me // Kristen’s post reminded me of a time when my kids were younger and I wrote about being an introvert and a mother. This one takes us back to 2009, but the concept is timeless.

Honor the Grief, Honor the Goodbye by Marilyn R Gardner // She’s talking about families who are transnational, moving around from place to place regularly. But her words ring true for all of us in transition, because in the midst of weddings, graduations, and last days of school, it’s important to remember that “grief must be honored and goodbyes must be said.”

Graceful (For Young Women): Letting Go of Your Try-Hard Life // Know a rising 9th grade girl or a recent high school graduate? The ebook version of my book for teen girls is on sale for only 2.99. Download the free Kindle app and read from anywhere. (Did you know you can gift ebooks?!)

Finally next week we’ll post an invitation to join my book launch team for my new book coming in August, Simply Tuesday. Yay! Spaces will be limited so if you’re interested and want to know as soon as the invite goes live, be sure to follow me on either InstagramFacebook or Twitter as that’s where we’ll announce first.