for your weekend May

Around here it’s been one of those weeks; the kind where you have so much to do that you finish one thing without time to look around because you have to dive into the next thing. Too many weeks in a row like that and I start to feel like a robot.

Yesterday while one child was at a trumpet lesson and the other two were upstairs playing, I forced myself to sit on the corner of the sofa and start The Choosing by Rachelle Dekker (yes, that’s Ted Dekker’s daughter) because it’s a story.

After full weeks like this one, I long to get lost in a story. It’s good so far and reminds me all over again how thankful I am for stories and the people who write them. (Sidetone: If you have a story, write it down. They are gifts you know.)

And so may your weekend be one of rest, may you find a story to get lost in, and may Jesus be kind company for you as you breathe in grace and breathe out exhaustion. Enjoy your weekend, friends.

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