ducklings at the nester's houseAfter days of clouds and rain, it can begin to feel like you can’t quite remember the feel of the sun warm on your back, the lightheartedness a blue sky can bring, or how hope shows up on warm spring breezes.

Sometimes faith feels like days of clouds, like you can’t quite remember what it feels like to believe without worry or doubt, like maybe you’re a hypocrite because you say you believe God but you still feel scared on the inside.

It helps to remember that hypocrisy does not mean acting contrary to how you feel. Rather, a hypocrite is someone who acts contrary to who they are.

In Christ, we have courage even when we feel scared.

In Christ, we are hopeful even if we feel uncertain.

In Christ, we are loving even if we feel unlovely.

In this, my feelings may cower and clamor against my actions, but my feelings don’t have the final say. Our foundation is first Christ, who holds all things together.

May we be believers who act out of who we are rather than from how we feel. Even if we walk on wobbly legs, even if we timidly place bare toes in the water, even if our voice cracks and our hands shake, may we move forward from our truest identity and refuse to believe that our feelings define us.

Enjoy your weekend, friends.

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