For Your Weekend - Chatting at the Sky

“There’s something beautiful and clarifying and terrifying all at once in being at the beginning . . . To be a beginner is to be full of hope-filled humility, to be overflowing with eager expectation that is simultaneously held in check by the obvious gap between your aspirations and current abilities. To be a beginner is to be pregnant with dreams but nascent with skill, and then to set about the work of cultivating the life of both.”

Michael Yankoski, The Sacred Year

Many things we could say after reading those words, many things we could fear and fight against and reason ourselves out of. Instead, let’s release our grip today, close our eyes in gratitude, and simply whisper this: May I be willing to be a beginner.

Enjoy your weekend, friends. Here are a few good reads for along the way:

Every Ten Years You Have to Remake Everything by Anne Bogel

Quiet by Caroline Teselle

In the Smallest of Ways by Ellen for The Sweetwater Blog

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