for your weekendMay this weekend be filled with the truth, nothing more and nothing less. May I not think of myself more highly than I am or more lowly than is necessary.

May I not be surprised at my own contradictions, how I long to be alone, yet crave community; wish for attention and also anonymity; want my independence but secretly wish for a caretaker. May I not try to smooth out my inconsistencies by the strength of my own will, but may I accept these colors and shades of gray as part of my humanity, bringing them all into the changeless and unmoving presence of Christ.

Enjoy your weekend, friends. A few reads and reminders:

Every Saturday I scratch out a few words of blessing for us here. Writing these has become moments of worship and contemplation for me – time to remember my smallness, practice truth for myself, and share little glimpses with you. If you want to receive these and the other few posts I write weekly in your inbox, simply enter your email address here, where you’ll receive a free copy of Seven Little Ways to Live Art.