our houseThis weekend, may you show up and be who you already are, with your limits as well as your potentials. May you be willing to receive the day as it is and not as you wish it were instead. And may you remember – no matter how weary you might feel – that you are the dust and the brushstroke, the weak empowered, the broken made whole, a human megaphone for the glory of God.

Enjoy your weekend, friends.

Here are a few good reads:

And finally, an event I’m excited to be part of:

The Breath & The Clay: A Gathering of Faith, Art, and Culture is happening here in North Carolina on February 21-22 and I’m pleased to share on Saturday morning about the art of everyday living.

Here’s the most important part: You don’t have to call yourself an artist to come. But warning? You might call yourself by the time you leave. Consider joining us? Click on the image below to register.

The Breath & The Clay